Home Remittance

Money sent from aboard via the Western Union, Moneygram, Ria, Contact & Inteln Express can be received easily from any branch of Sadiq Exchange (Private) Limited. Sadiq Exchange is in the process of rapidly expanding the network of its branches all over Pakistan. Pakistani overseas or living abroad sends every year around PKR. 400 billion to their family members in Pakistan. We take every possible step to ensure that the funds sent are readily transferred to their family members.

Terms & Conditions

1. Expired CNIC will not be accepted.
2. Payment will be given only to authorized beneficiary.
3. According to the State Bank of Pakistan, all KYC procedures will be followed for any transaction.
4. Easy Steps to Transfer Money:
5. Visit to any of our branch along with original CNIC and its photocopy.
6. Fill out the simple form containing the beneficiary and sender information.
7. After Verification of your identity, collect the money transfer receipt.

Western Union

Remittance through the Western Union Inward Remittances through the Western Union Demand Approximately 4 to 5 million Pakistanis are working/settled overseas and they send approximately US$ 11 to 13 billion to their family members in Pakistan every year. SEC Exchange Company plays an important role in facilitating the customers to receive the remittances through the Western Union as quickly as possible in all our branches. Outward Remittances through the Western Union SEC Exchange Company also facilitates the customers to send their money to their loved one’s living abroad through Western Union. Money sent through Western Union is transferred in minutes to any part of the world. But this is not active yet this will be activated soon. Easy Steps to collect your payment:

  1. 1. Visit to any of our branch along with original CNIC and its photocopy.
  2. 2. Fill out the simple form mainly containing the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  3. 3. After Verification of your identity, collect your payment.

MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services. It connects family and friends around the world by providing a convenient and reliable financial connection for life’s essentials and daily needs. Its services are available in 200 countries and territories.

Whether a transaction is made through one of its innovative online or mobile platforms, a kiosk or at any one of our nearly 350,000 global agent locations, MoneyGram is committed to providing an industry leading customer experience at every interaction. MoneyGram is built upon a foundation of trust, reliability, innovation and convenience. Tens of millions of consumers around the globe depend on us to get money from point A to point B quickly and securely. That’s why MoneyGram has invested millions of dollars in world class compliance platforms and continues to make compliance and security a top priority.    

With approximately 350,000 agent locations worldwide, it’s easy to receive money from a Sadiq Exchange location near you.

Intel Express is worldwide money transfer system and its core business is Cash to Cash money transfers between individuals. Apart from this, Cash to Account, Commercial Payments (loans repayments, utilities payments, etc.), Internet payments and other mobile money transfers are included in the product portfolio of Intel Express.

As an international market player, Intel Express is currently focused towards development of principal international corridors. The system operates in more than 90 countries with 57000 locations worldwide. Intel Express has own service network in Greece, Georgia, UK and Italy.

Utilizing service points of Intel Express and partners allows the system establishing partnership relations with various financial institutions and money transfer systems on all continents.

Since establishment of Intel Express in 2007, its business is growing year over year rapidly. Today the system has one of the leading positions and with its ambitious plans to develop global markets; Intel Express is rapidly developing its own network in Europe.

Equipped with advanced data security technology and employing specific working procedures to protect users, Intel Express has made significant financial and technological investments pertaining to the safety and integrity of its data base, aiming to the utmost security and strictest possible protection of its client’s funds and personal data, utilizing cutting-edge methods of security technology. Intel Express provides multi-language technical support throughout 24 hours, 7 days a week and maintains the highest level of customer confidentiality.

Intel Express services have already been used by millions of customers. We appreciate their trust and strive to maintain high quality service.

Ria Money Transfer is another source to transfer your money safely and quickly in Pakistan and it is also cheap, so all you have to do is fill out your details and your receiver’s detail, select a payment method, select how you want the receiver to receive the cash, i.e. through bank account or in person and then press send and your money will be transferred in no time. The site also shows the current exchange rate, so that you easily calculate the amount of money the receiver would be receiving.