Telegraphic Transfer

The Telegraphic Transfer is one of the fastest mean to remit the funds all over the world. In this respect according to Rules & Regulations of State Bank of Pakistan, you will be allowed to send money for your blood relations University Fee, Hospital Charges etc Sadiq Exchange Company (PVT.) LTD makes it sure that your payment is transferred in a secure way. For you, it is very easy to transfer your money through Sadiq Exchange Company (PVT.) LTD. Through Sadiq Exchange Company (PVT.) LTD Telegraphic Transfer service, money is transferred into the beneficiary`s account within 2-3 working days (depending on the corresponding bank). With Sadiq Exchange Company (PVT.) LTD it is easy to send money via Telegraphic Transfer.


Swift Transfer

  1. University fee
  2. Hospital expense
  3. Franchise fee
  4. Consultant fee
  5. Maintenance bill 

Sender Details

  1. Full name
  2. CNIC Copy
  3. Phone number


Evidence of the purpose for Telegraphic Transfer(e.g., University offer letter)Original CNIC along with its photocopy/Passport along its copy.Ensure the following information is correctly provided. 
1. Beneficiary account number
2. Swift Code
3. IBN/Sort Code/BSB/ABA/Routing number/Transit Number (According to the country requirement)


Terms & Condition

Sadiq Exchange Company (PVT.) LTD is not responsible for following:

  • Delay/wrong payment due to incorrect details provided or due to OFFAC sanctions.
  • Service Charges deducted by foreign Banks
  • Service Charges will be applied for amendment/correction/tracking of the payment.
  • According to the State Bank of Pakistan, all KYC procedures will be followed for any transaction.
  • Expired CNIC/Passport will not be accepted.

About Us

Sadiq Exchange Company (PVT) Limited was registered and incorporated as Private Limited Company with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan on August 3rd 2011. The Company was granted license by the State Bank of Pakistan on January 9, 2013 and commenced its operations in March 01, 2013, as per the guidelines laid down by the STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN.The Company is a good corporate citizen. It always operates within the provision of the national and international law.